International Vienna Weekends Terms & Conditions are set here in below for the avoidance of any misunderstandings. If you have any queries regarding these terms and conditions, as set forth, please contact us before registering and making a payment for a package.




The Host Organization Committee of International Vienna Weekend reserves the right to make changes to the published program without prior notice and without any liability on our part. In the event of any such change, you will have no claim against us and this does not entitle you to cancel your registration.

Participants have to be at least 16 years old by the beginning of any booked event. 

The Host Organization Committee will do its best to respect all special requirements indicated in the registration forms, however, it cannot be guaranteed that all may be accommodated. 

The Host Organization Committee is allowed to prohibit the participation for those how do not fulfill the legal requirements to join an event (tested, vaccinated oder immunized (19.6.2021)).

In case of inappropriate behavior before or during the event, the HOC has the right to refuse participation for one session or the entire event.




During the registration for International Vienna Weekend personal data will be collected which is necessary for the successful registration of  International Vienna Weekend and for planning any optional activities and accommodation during the event. The HOC has an obligation to keep your personal data safe in accordance with local and European laws and regulations. 

Personal data provided by the participants during registration, except for any payment details (no information regarding your debit or credit card details will be recorded whatsoever), will be stored in our database until the completion of International Vienna Weekend.

Personal information (name, surname, Rotaract District, Club and position, e-mail, telephone, emergency contact details) will be used by the Host Organization Committee to keep you up-to-date with developments regarding the events and to contact the participants for any matters regarding their participation.

The HOC of International Vienna Weekend may share any necessary personal data (except for debit or credit card details) with partners, supporters and sponsors.If this occurs, the HOC will ensure that partners, supporters and sponsors will keep any personal data shared with them safely and only for as long as necessary. 

During International Vienna Weekend photographs will be taken to document the events. These photographs will be the property of International Vienna Weekend and may be published via any channel, online and offline such as, but not limited to :

  • Social Media (Facebook and Instagram page)

  • Event website

  • Subject to applicable local law, you may have the right to:

      – Request access to and obtain a copy of your personal information

      – Have your personal information amended if it is inaccurate

      – Request to have your personal information erased

      – In certain circumstances, restrict or object to our processing of your personal information or ask for it to be sent to another party.


Refunds and Cancellations


No return or cancellation is accepted but the participant is allowed to change the package owner. All the personal information of a substituting participant should be sent to the Host Organization Committee prior to the date of International Vienna Weekend.

Please note that an administration fee of 25€ will be charged to any change of package owner. The new owner of the package also needs to fulfill the legal requirements for entrance.

In case the HOC of International Vienna Weekend decides to cancel the event due to local restrictions in Austria tickets will be refunded. If participating at International Vienna Weekend is not possible for a certain group (e.g. travel restrictions for some countries) tickets will not be refunded. 

Rights in materials


All copyright and other rights in materials provided during or for the purposes of  International Vienna Weekend are the property of International Vienna Weekend.

The participant is entitled to use such materials only for their own personal study. They are not entitled to copy such materials, nor entitled to use or authorize others to use them for any commercial purposes.