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Education and Menstrual Health is no privilege

In many countries menstruation is still a silenced topic  although it is an integral and normal part of human life - of human existence. This leads to nearly  50% of girls miss up to 25 days of school per year as they do not attend school while they are menstruating.  Even worse 24% of school girls in Uganda drop out of school due to menstrual management issues.


Talking about menstruation can be intimidating for young girls. Quite often they are afraid to ask their teachers or parents about this topic. For foreigners it is very difficult to understand the cultural difficulties a topic like menstrual health might face.


4/4 Tumaini wants to overcome these issues by working together closely with local Interact and Rotaract Clubs and the Ministry of Health. Interactors and Rotaractors will be trained by professionals from Uganda about menstrual health. With the knowledge about menstruation and menstruation management they will be able to talk  to other students on an eye-to-eye level.


The project focuses on three different approaches. Next to the information campaign, girls will receive menstrual cups and learn how to sew reusable sanitary pads. The menstrual cup will be produced by former Rotaractor and UN Award Winner Charlie Ruth Castro. The third approach is to reconstruct or build  toilettes to make sure that there is a clean and safe space for girls and women to take care. During the project medical staff, especially OB/GYN trained, will visit the schools as well to answer questions  and give the girls a free medical check up.


We care about sustainability: to make sure we can learn by our experience and the project won´t stop after we left, we will establish an information board at every school.  Girls will be able to ask follow up questions after receiving their menstrual cups.


We rely on existing structure and focus on sustainability: more than 90% of schools in Uganda have their own Interact Club, which makes communication between peers easy.